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Rochelle Vermeulen

Rochelle Vermeulen

"I had the privilege of receiving hypnotherapy from Claudia Klein in January 2018. This was for an issue of grief about the loss of a sibling that had been causing me emotional pain and suffering for approximately 23 years. I had tried for the first few years, prayer and spiritual guidance within an established church. I was advised to look into other therapy options, which I did, including seeing several different psychologists, doing regular yoga practice including mindfulness meditation, taking prescription medication, and also trying to live a healthy life and focus on the positive.

Each attempt perhaps helped to a certain extent but the deep parts were never reached and the emotional pain remained severe and crippling.

Claudia found the right technique, words and tonality to connect with me. Her empathy and intuition were truly incredible as she led me on a path of healing. Claudia gave me so much love and support, it was a real blessing in my life.

I am happy to say, 4 months later, that the improvements I experienced after Claudia’s therapy have blossomed in my life. I think in a healthier way and feel so much better. I am truly grateful for the help and I would recommend Claudia as a therapist to anyone dealing with difficult challenges in their lives."

Helene Camissar

Helene Camissar

I have known Claudia since the 8th March 2006, when I arrived at her front door like a total wreck…..trying to give up smoking and dealing with the death of my late father a couple of months earlier. Claudia ushered me into her room and we started to chat and she really felt that to stop smoking right then was possibly not the beach decision as I had so many other issues to deal with. My response to that was, I have come here today to stop smoking and I am going home without touching a cigarette.

I am proud to say almost 12 ½ years later, I have never touched a cigarette. I am such an anti smoker today!!!!! Regarding my personal family issues, Claudia proved to be such an incredible source and really taught me how to deal with the death of my father and my brother. Her help to me has lasted me all the years.

Only recently I have had to see Claudia again to help me deal with the death of my mom. This has proved so helpful ….that I have even managed to help myself through 6 very tough days awaiting medical results.

Claudia for me I will always be eternally grateful to you and to everyone out there that is thinking about hypnosis for a good reason……..dont think… an appointment with Claudia, you will never be sorry !!!!

Diana Siccardi

Diana Siccardi

Psychic Reader

Dear Claudia, after you helped me clear my anger issues which originated from a Past Life - this time I could overcome my claustrophobia, which I was struggling with for years. I can now freely enter a lift, without the overwhelming sensation that I am about to be smothered. Amazing! Thank you Claudia!


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