Like you, I am a seeker.  Forever wanting more joy and happiness, which have had different meanings at different times. Like you, I am overcoming obstacles and dealing with challenges and I seek to meet these with calmness and clarity instead of angst and doubt. I have had many successes and I have been in the pits and learned from experience, that embracing our shadows, continuing to expand and grow, keeping our hearts open and sharing our vulnerability with those who count, can give us the greatest joy.

I learned Hypnosis over 35 years ago from my obstetrician which helped tremendously to make the birthing experiences fast and easy. Since then I have spent thousands of hours to master the modality and taught about 5000 students of Hypnosis and non medical Hypnotherapy and assisted many clients individually and in groups. Yet, there is so much more in my “toolbox”. Life Coaching is part of the journey. When you are ready… let’s go!

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The Official Blurb:

Trained in a variety of transformative methods, Claudia Klein combines her knowledge in assisting people to overcome most challenges, to create inner peace and a true sense of worthiness, in order to achieve their desires.

An essential part of living her purpose is to help individuals or groups and to train others to become therapists themselves.

She is an expert Hypnosis Practitioner/Trainer, South Africa’s only Parts Therapy Trainer, certified Life Coach, NLP practitioner, Heal Your Life teacher and even qualified as a Laughter Yoga Leader.

Claudia is the director of the South African Institute of Hypnotism (SAIH) and Facilitator at the Mastermind Training Centre.

She enjoys facilitating workshops and inspiring audiences as a speaker. She has published numerous empowering audio programs, which are available as downloads.

Claudia is an international speaker and has featured in various magazines, on talk radio stations and television as well as co-authored the book THE ART OF SPIRITUAL HYPNOSIS: Accessing Divine Wisdom (Publisher: Blooming Twig Books(NY)) with other world-renowned hypnotherapists. Various short videos are listed on the YouTube channel: Claudia Klein.

She has been involved in the field of wellness, holistic and alternative therapy for more than 20 years and understands many of the challenges people face.  Claudia is completely dedicated to bringing understanding, self-empowerment and lasting positive change to enrich people’s lives.

“I absolutely believe that each one of us has the resources to achieve inner peace and harmony. People need to be empowered to start believing this for themselves and embrace their worthiness to allow the manifestation of their desires. When we do, the transformations are sometimes short of miracles.”

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