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About Claudia Klein

To run a venture like Mindworks™ requires a dedicated team and I am grateful that I have very special people working with me sharing my absolute passion for the possibilities that open up with the natural state of hypnosis.

I am at a stage in my life where the hypnotherapy training institute, the lecturing and my private practice are all going well and I am fortunate to be able to invest my resources into the audio tools to make self empowerment and self growth available to a much wider range of people than I could ever hope to reach through the above channels.

I guess we all wismarc Tom and me IMG-20130505-WA0000h to be able to leave a legacy and hopefully Mindworks™ and its products will continue to grow and do good for others indefinitely and many other excellent products will become part of it.

I am happy that my knowledge of Hypnosis can extend to include our recordings. Each one is my total passion at the time and my German perfectionist part comes to the forefront with the conceptualisation, script writing, design, graphics, close work with the audio producer when recording and deciding on the sound and music.

I have an agreement with myself that there will never be a “run of the mill project” making largely empty promises which sound so tempting and leave the user mostly with just another failure.

Every script and recording,  and here is my promise to you, is receiving total dedication, just as if you would be my personal client in my therapy room. Every audio program and other download from this site is providing you with a sophisticated tool to change aspects of your life for the better.

 I sincerely hope that you benefit from our efforts, which are in retrospect no effort at all.

Claudia Klein

Bio for Claudia Klein
Transformation Therapist
CHT (non medical), CPTT, CPTF, NLP, HNLP. Heal your Life teacher

Trained in variety of alternative methods Claudia Klein combines her knowledge to assist people to heal their lives and achieve their dreams. She is a certified HEAL YOUR LIFE teacher and an expert hypnosis practitioner and trainer. She is also the director and principal instructor at the South African Institute of Hypnotism (SAIH) and the Mastermind Training Centres in Cape Town and Johannesburg, which are affiliated and accredited by the UK based APHP (The Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy), the IMDHA (International Medical and Dental Association in USA) and the GHSC (UK),

Under the umbrella of she conducts transformational sessions for individuals and groups, gives workshops and has published numerous empowering audio programs which are available as downloads and CDs.

She is an international speaker and has featured in various magazines, talk radio stations and television. Various short videos can be viewed on her YouTube channel (Claudia Klein Cht). She has been involved in the field of alternative therapy for over 15 years and understands many of the challenges people face and is completely dedicated to bring understanding, self empowerment and lasting positive change to enrich people’s life.

“I absolutely believe that each one of us has the resources to work through our issues. People need to be empowered to start believing this for themselves and embrace their worthiness to allow the manifestation of their desires. When they do, the transformations are sometimes short of miracles.”

 Claudia Klein

 Claudia Klein CHT, CPTT, HNLP (non medical)

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