“Thank you Claudia for sharing your knowledge experience, expertise and awesomeness with us, not just with our group, but with all your students thus far. You are changing peoples lives.

You have given me an opportunity to make huge changes on levels deep within, some I was aware of, some I wasn’t aware of.

I did not previously know how to implement changes in my life and thanks to you and your teachings, my life is opening up, every day more and more to possibilities I would not have imagined previously.

My deepest and most sincere gratitude for lifting the vibration of humanity and thereby the world, one course at a time.  Much love to you.”  – Natalie Garven

Calendar for Hypnosis Training Courses. (click on this link for more info)

Here is a comprehensive hypnosis training overview video:

Since I took over the South African Institute of Hypnotism I have been involved in training almost 3500 students. We have two MASTERMIND  HYPNOTHERAPY TRAINING CENTERS in Johannesburg and Cape Town. (jhb@hypnotherapy.co.za) and one in Cape Town (capetown@hypnotherapy.co.za).

We are proud to be the oldest established Hypnosis training institute on the continent and that we have an affiliation with world-renowned umbrella organisations which entitles you to international certification.

For detailed information about the training, which has hugely transforming effects on the participants and their clients please visit www.hypnotherapy.co.za and, or download this prospectus.

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