The Mastermind Heartspace Centre is about living, working, learning and re-creating in harmony. It welcomes occupants and visitors into its supportive, warm and healing energy. It is a sanctuary in which open hearts and minds can freely explore and express their potential.

Here I have my therapy room, we also facilitate the Hypnosis Training training and have workshops and gatherings.

Address: 51 Hopley Road, Tableview, Flamingo Vlei

You find the MHC on Google maps and on Facebook:


The Mastermind Heartspace Center has a lot of heart in it, this is my happy space, a place I call home from home, since the very first day I stepped in.
There is a welcoming energy that makes me feel right at home. Tranquil and peaceful come to mind, an ease to settle in and just allow myself to focus on whatever I need. The colours and décor, the garden around the pool, and the overall set up of this venue, take away the city rush and busyness, almost as if it gives permission to just relax and allow.
The training space is well equipped, overlooking the serenity outside through the big glass doors, spacious and comfortable to work in, for days in a row.
I feel very supported and taken care of during my stay.  I am greeted every morning with the most gracious welcome, and even a special glass of freshly squeezed juice, great conversations and most of all having the convenience of the guest room available to me during my training week, knowing I can rest in this haven of tranquility, is for me an incredible gift.
I am deeply thankful to you Claudia for creating such a special space for us that walk in the path of teaching, it is rare to find a place that holds so much of heart and love.
Namaste…..  Ashika Singh – Heal Your Life South Africa –
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