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Open Heart Day 2016

Open Heart Day 2016

Event: Open Heart Day

Sunday, 6 March 2016, 10H00 to 16H00

Mastermind Heartspace Centre

The South African Institute of Hypnotism (SAIH) is hosting an open day on Sunday 6th March in conjunction with, the Mastermind HeartSpace Centre and various other associates.

This free event place takes place at the Mastermind Heartspace Centre in Tableview from 10h00 until 16h00, and is hosted by Claudia Klein, certified hypnosis practitioner and principal instructor of the SAIH.

Apart from a unique opportunity to network and connect with like-minded people, the focus of the day is to create awareness and to share information regarding hypnotherapy and other alternative methods for living a better life. This will be helpful for anyone wanting to study further, looking to make a meaningful contribution by facilitating sessions, and of course for those seeking help for a personal issue and wanting to make an informed decision.

The day will include 45-minute talks starting every hour by specialists in their field and will also have stalls to showcase various practitioners and related merchandise.  Very exciting is that various experts have already agreed to demonstrations and group sessions so you can actually participate and feel whether a method resonates with you.

The OPEN HEART DAY gives people the chance to find out for themselves exactly what certain other modalities have to offer and also how to study further. The opportunity to speak to someone face-to-face about the different modalities and what they involve is absolutely vital to making an informed and safe decision for self-help or further studies.

List of Speakers and group facilitators:

Talk Zone – Talks Experimental Room – Group Session
Time Topic Speaker Topic Facilitator
10h00 Kabbalah as a map to navigate your life successfully Julia Tiffin Access Bars – How to quiet your mind. Consciously Crazy Chicks
11h00 Hypnotherapy… is it safe? Claudia Klein Relaxation & Self-Empowerment Shizuko Naruse-Claasens
12h00 Choose To Heal Cathy McDonald Hypnosis And Meditation Claudia Klein
13h00 Grief and Trauma Suzette Venter Death & Dying & the Journey Thereafter Mel De Jager
14h00 Life Alignment Tanya Harris Max Meditation Marda Hull, Julia Tiffin
15h00 Hypnosis and Sport Bennie Louw – SportMindCoach Popular Qi Gong Session Michelle Levy
16H00 Goddess Dance

More about the Speakers and Facilitators:

Claudia Klein –  CHT (Non-medical) (SAIH), CPTT,CPTF, NLP, HNLP, Certified “Heal your Life Teacher”
Tanya Harris –  Life Alignment Practitioner, Organisation Alignment Practitioner, Home Alignment Practitioner, Teacher, Advanced Practitioner
Bennie Louw –  BA. (US), BA.Hons Religious Studies (US), CHT (Non-medical) (SAIH), CPTF, NLP, HNLP
Cathy McDonald – CHT (Non-medical) (SAIH), CPTF
Suzette Venter – (Compassionate Friends)
Mel De Jager – Coach, Mentor and Medium (COMENSA)
Consciously Crazy Chicks – Hayley and Megan
Shizuko Naruse-Claasens  – CHT (Non-medical) (SAIH), CPTF, NLP Master Practitioner
Marda Hull, Julia Tiffin – Certified Life Activation Practitioners
Michelle Levy – Tai Chi Instructor and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

List of Exibitors:

Michelle Vooght Angel Readings
Claudia Klein
Cathy McDonald Herbalife
Maria Small Aloe Products
Mel De Jager Mediumship and Crossing Over
Emile Potgieter Candles, incense & Crystals
Heidi Kilbride Tarot Readings
Anni Newham, Marda Hull & Julia Tiffin Love Spa and Life Activation
Veronica Sleigh Jewellery
And more to confirm

We are looking forward to this day and should you be wanting to participate as a speaker, vendor and make a meaningful contribution or as a willing participant you are welcome to contact either Bennie Louw, Suzette Venter or Claudia Klein at admin@hypnotherapy or 0861 102 318