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Past Life and Soul Journeys

Past Lives and Soul Journeys

“Now go back to the first time, before, during or after birth . . .”

 Past LifeThere is more to a Past Life Regression session…

… than may meet your inner understanding. If we need Hypnosis to understand connections with our symptoms during this life time, we certainly do when the original incident stems from another lifetime.

What do I mean by that?

Roy Hunter’s case study in the latest IMDHA magazine features a mature male suffering from ED, yet he was cleared by his doctors. His beloved wife had died years back, the client believed to have worked through the grieving process  and was ready for a new commitment, but his girlfriend wanted to be intimate before making such a decision. So it came out that he was holding true to his promise to his wife that she would be the only one and his body reacted with ED. His logic did not make this connection but once the awareness was “downloaded” into his conscious mind and the release facilitated, his symptoms disappeared and the engagement was announced.

But what if a promise was given in another lifetime. Like to young woman, so in love promising her man that she would wait for him to return from the war. Problem was – he never came back! In this lifetime she manages to sabotage all lasting relationships and only through a Past Life Regression did she understand why and she could then move forward.

As a professional Hypnosis Practitioner one simply has to have the tools to offer clients the opportunity to release causes way beyond the obvious. It’s that critical invitation that may hold the answer:  “Now go back to the first time, before, during or after birth . . .”


Claudia KleinPast Life Regression and Spiritual Hypnotherapy is one of Claudia Klein’s specialities. She combines teachings from other experts like the late Jeff Cohen and the Soul Screening from Leslie Macintosh to offer an extensive learning into the techniques of Past Life Regression and Soul Journeys .  

You can read more here to find out how you can benefit from this speciality course.