Most of us start with the realization of what we DO NOT want, what does not serve us. From this arises a desire for change. Having a desire or goal is wonderfully inspiring when we have a clue how to get there, but many of us do not know, either how to go forward or fail at attaining those goals. This can be true whether these are habits, thought patterns, emotional burdens or physical symptoms, that create a block.   

Do you know someone who just could not change?

There is usually a good reason why adjustments are sometimes difficult, or the goal seems out of reach. Most often this is due to an inner conflict and we might not even be aware of it. This can be resolved!!  

It is empowering to know that we all have tremendous potential, resources and power, which at times is held back by our own inner dynamics. This is sad –  but this can be changed.

Next important factor is the fact that you are the expert on your life. You know in your heart what is most important to you, what benefits you and what holds you back. Therefore, you should be the one activating a change, because this is the only authentic way to fast and lasting transformation.  Changing because others say so or we feel we should, requires huge effort, because that inner drive is missing. An authentic decision born from inner congruence can be child’s play to implement.

I dedicated a large part of my life to gain understanding and to learn techniques to facilitate this journey with you. The considerable experience I have gained working with individuals and groups over many years and the non-judgmental, sincere and client centered approach add to an environment in which you can be free to explore and implement to be, feel and live the way you desire.

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