Radio Talk on Past Life Regression & Soul Journeys – Claudia Klein talking to Nancy Richards from SAFM 
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How our childhood influences us today – We all feel the effects of our upbringing and if you are fortunate this can make you feel valued, loved and strong within. Sometimes this can also hold us back and have debilitating effects.  Today we look at what to do about these unhelpful  “programs” running on autopilot in the background shaping our lives. …
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How our childhood influences us today – Claudia Klein

Hypnosis and Relationships – do you expect to find mysterious ideas to control or change those you relate with to improve the “ship” you share?           Sorry – this talk is not about subliminal mind control, it is about healthy approaches to change YOUR mental or emotional perceptions. When you bring a wholesome, self empowered person into the relationship, you got a good part of a successful recipe for relationship happiness…
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Hypnosis and Relationships – Claudia Klein

When we have been working with the various Hypnosis Techniques for a while it becomes an organic process to understand that we carry all necessary resources within to find relief or even solve most of our issues and symptoms.  Whether you are a practitioner or you consider going for Hypnotherapy.
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Miracles – Claudia Klein

This talk gives you basic information about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. There are so many misconceptions and even fears when it comes to this completely natural phenomena. Let me clear a few of these up.
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What is hypnosis – Claudia Klein

What actually is Stress? What happens in our body and why is prolonged stress potentially harmful? And most importantly – what can we do naturally and easily to counteract this imbalance.
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What actually is Stress? – Claudia Klein

Happiness – it may mean something different for everybody. But everybody wants it. I believe we deserve it. Do you know what makes you happy? And most importantly – are you creating your happiness?
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Happiness – Claudia Klein

There are so many misconceptions about Hypnosis and it is sad that because of this some may lose out on strengthening their faith, belief or spirituality when in fact this natural state of connectedness can lead to increase our bonding or assist to find meaning.
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Hypnosis and Religion – Claudia Klein

For most of us this time of the year is supposed to be fun and a time to connect with friends, family and loved ones. It is the time to recuperate, relax and collect energies for the year ahead. It can also serve to reflect and learn from the past. But are we using this time efficiently?  And –  with all the jolly mood around it can be a time of extreme loneliness and emotional pain.
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The Festive Season – Claudia Klein

The so called “Power of Positive Thinking” somehow leaves many desires merely stay wishful thinking and dreams for the future. This  can be attributed to a few factors, one being that manifestation needs to happen on a much deeper level than merely what the analytical conscious mind can offer. Furthermore, there are also certain rules of the mind which one needs to consider. Listen on.
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Power of Positive Thinking – Claudia Klein


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