Gentle, relaxing neuro acoustics, motivating calm inner focus and emotional upliftment. These can activate the flow between the brain ’s hemispheres helping the two work in harmony.

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Gentle, relaxing neuro acoustics, motivating calm inner focus and emotional upliftment. These can activate the flow between the brain’s  hemispheres helping the two work in harmony. Certain frequencies can stimulate the production of endorphins, which produces a sense of natural elation raising mood and aiding a clear mental state.Feeling Good - Claudia klein

“I love it. Listened three times already. I put it on next to my bed at night – it puts me in a very restful state, but I have listened through completely twice. I think this kind of music exists in heaven!” Peter Klatzow


Track 1 REMEMBER FEELING GOOD (25 min)  – Listen to Audio Sample Feeling Good by Claudia Klein Audio Sample (2 min)

The vibrational sense of this slow quieting piece aids a sense of comfort and security in body and mind through the main carrier frequency, assisted by rhythmic and predictable repetitions to harmonize thought patterns. This is infused with various helpful synchronizing frequencies which assist to promote inward focus and relaxation. Pure tones, which are used to create binaural beat frequencies, add a beneficial effect on healthy cells and can, therefore, improve physical well-being. The musical structure encourages flexibility and a sense of motion in life thus allowing clarity to emerge naturally and preparing an accomplishing mindset.

USEFUL FOR: Uplifting spirit to enhance an optimistic and enthusiastic mind state, deep personal meditation & power nap with recharge effect, self-directed mind power and self-hypnosis; healing sessions, relaxing background music for home, studying and concentrated work.

Track 2 THAT’S RIGHT  (25 min) – Listen to Audio Sample That’s right! (2 min)

The musical flow of this piece is structured to provide you with a sense of being grounded, affirming the connection with nature and stimulating intuitive responses of relaxation and comfort, while assisting to mask any background noise in the listening environment. It includes a montage of natural sounds which provide therapeutic effects, utilizing Schumann resonance frequencies the brainwaves are entrained in tune with the powerful vibrations in the earth’s own electromagnetic field. Stereo phase shift encoding provides an additional source of beneficial frequencies for enhanced brain synchronization. And, with the music largely being non-repetitive and without a fixed timing it creates a sense of weightlessness and floating, effective ways to lift your spirits and improve your mood and encouraging the listener to “let go”.

Connection with the earth & nature promoting an energizing effect, improved focus and concentration. Nurturing a general sense of well being, centeredness and balance.  Improvement of energy balance, assisting muscle relaxation. Background for focused meditation.