Dear Grown Up,
These recordings for children are utilizing their vivid imagination to bring about certain desired results. Specialized linguistic patterns are embedded in fairytale style adventures for your child to explore and find personal solutions to various aspects where the life of the young ones can be demanding. It would be a good idea that you listen yourself to create awareness where your child may have found the necessary support.
You might enjoy it too!

See below for more detail and audio samples.


sunshine factory logo final 16 webDear Grown Up,

These recordings utilise the powerful and very vivid imagination which is so natural for children. We embed gentle guidelines into magical adventures which allow your child to explore and find personal solutions.

Listen with your child to understand where your child may have found the necessary support in demanding situations.


This recording aims to improve your child’s ability to overcome fears and to find solutions in a world that are oftentimes demanding even for the little ones. It encourages active engagement and helps to build your child’s self-esteem and self-worth and provides assistance which can empower them to bring about positive change.
Listen in, you might like it too.


Making bedtime an adventure to look forward to is what this recording has been designed for. Let your child drift into this charming bedside story to release, relax and encourage a positive dream state for a happy child tomorrow.

Try it, you might just find it beneficial too!

Look, Listen and Imagine here to get a taste of what you can expect.


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