HERO’S QUEST (MP3 Download)


You want your teenager to be a hero in his/her own world? Growing up has its own demands and can be overwhelming. This fun and entertaining recording teaches to relax but also helps to facilitate finding inner strength and abilities to cope and make positive decisions while staying focused.

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Powerful mind journey for teenagers


We all want to be a HERO in our world. While the personality develops in the young person, the demands and pressures of growing up into adulthood can be overwhelming at times. It is hard to believe in one’s self without a track record of confidence boosters. Yet everyone needs to develop their own inner strength. By rehearsing one’s innate abilities and talents we can find inner power, learn to make good decisions and then are able to manage people and tasks much better. This, in turn, will lift our mood and our confidence will grow. Life starts flowing.

Here is an entertaining and fun recording kit which teaches you to relax and facilitates all of the above through vivid guided visualisation, which is aligned with the activities of young people. Just like in real “gaming”, the listener practices their own skills and flairs to reach through the various levels of the imagined personalized game to emerge as a Hero.


Listen to the Introduction:

Recording length 3.37min

Introduction to Hero’s Quest

Listen to audio examples from across the full download:

This sample length is 5.07min

Hero’s Quest Snippets


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