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Improve the effectiveness and ambiance of meditations, healing therapies, counseling sessions, all forms of massage, guided visualization, yoga, relaxation programs and all similar practices.
These recordings offer specific brainwave states utilizing acoustic tools to enhance relaxation and general peacefulness in a short space of time.

See below for more detail and audio samples.


These audio CDs offer a range of special acoustic tools, creating a portal to the subconscious mind with ease and in a short space of time. The lower the brain wave frequency the more the awareness can turn towards the subjective “inner world” experiences, offering alignment with the source of power within, as well as supporting focus and concentration.

Combining these sounds with meditative practices, self hypnosis or any application which is conducive to invoke mindfulness, like massage or reiki for example, serves as mind training for deep relaxation in full awareness, aiding personal insights.

The technology is the product of more than 30 years of research and has been produced and tested by experts in the field of Hypnosis and Sound Engineering.

CD 1: Gentle Relaxation facilitates a light Alpha state.

It promotes relaxation,
focus and calmness whether it is utilized with clients or for personal purpose.
The ideal state for a pre talk, interview, counselling, studying, light meditation
or active bodywork sessions. The fusion of sound technology with calm, ambient
melody effectively subdues distracting noise. Duration: 1 hour

Listen to sample:
Light Relaxation sample ▶ custom player

CD 2: Deep Relaxation encourages a deep Alpha to light Theta state.

Gentle melodic introduction fades away into neutral background sound ideal for
one-on-one sessions promoting tranquility, calmness and comfort. During enhanced
physical and mental relaxation the subconscious mind becomes more receptive
therefore this state is ideal for all levels of hypnosis practice, deep meditation,
or any other process where deep relaxation and subconscious awareness is required
and a neutral setting preferred. For use with clients and self directed sessions.
Duration: 1 hour

Listen to sample:
Deep Relaxation sample

CD 3: Soothing Deep Relaxation

This CD features all the benefits of CD 2 by supporting
a deep Alpha to light Theta state, subduing distracting noise, enhancing physical and
mental relaxation and increasing inwardly directed focus. In addition this recording
includes gentle melodic sound which fades in and out and is interlaced with an
occasional gentle supporting suggestion:”That’s right!”. Very suitable for deep
subconscious work with clients where a melodic attention can support concentration
and focus. It can equally empower private mind journeys. Duration: 1 hour

Listen to sample:
Soothing Deep Relaxation sample


hypnosis techniques, meditation, NLP, mind integration, intuition training, counselling, reiki,
aromatherapy, body talk, shiatsu, reflexology, all forms of massage, guided visualization,
past life regression therapy, crystal healing, healing therapies, biofeedback training, yoga,
relaxation programs, creative brainstorming, coaching, doctor’s & dentist’s waiting rooms,
spas and salons, holistic birth preparation, antenatal classes, and all similar practices.

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