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Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Spiritual Hypnotherapy I have observed and assisted clients solving their issues and have read probably as many case studies of my students for almost 15 years. I come more and more to the understanding that many of the conditions, perhaps even those which are medically diagnosed and treated are actually difficult stages of a personal transformation and could be a sign of spiritual opening.  It seems to me that many of the “issues” can be mere manifestations of much more complex, deeply entrenched and oftentimes subconscious disharmonies.

Also, the experience of “feeling  disconnected”, sensing an “emptiness” or that there “should be more to life” than the materialistic orientation we live in, is driving people to search for help through various including alternative means.

Oftentimes non-ordinary states of consciousness are part of the effort to bring relief and/or healing. Hypnosis offers a natural shortcut to most of these practices.

Awareness, understanding, appreciation and successful solving and integration of our predicaments allow for some symptoms to diminish or disappear completely, as if their where created to give us a wakeup call.  The same is true when we are in alignment with our truth or purpose.  We improve on many levels and feel an overall renewed enthusiasm for life which empowers us to make amendments and changes within our biology, thinking, habits and lifestyle and claim back our life force which is nourishing and gives meaning to human existence.Information to see Claudia Klein

Spiritual Hypnotherapy may not be for everyone, but those who feel draw to it may be in for a very pleasant surprise indeed.

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