Treasures  of  Egypt

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People may know me with for my almost 2-decade history as a Hypnotherapy trainer and as a therapist and life coach with my own practice. My passion and purpose are to offer groups and individuals a way to transform their life experience.

Few people know that in my previous career I was very active in the tourism industry running my own Fly In Safari company in Namibia, which still is going very well, in fact, had started a new sector in the tourism industry.

Now I am combining these two aspects of my expertise:  Travel and personal transformation to assist you to unlock your potential on whatever levels you are open and ready for.

Anthony Bourdain ( 1956 – 2018) expressed it so well:  “The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.”

Of all my travels, Egypt, ancient and mysterious, rich with tales and energies from early civilizations is definitely a most inspiring destination for this purpose. By coming together on sacred grounds we can use this energy to look deeper into ourselves quite naturally.

The fusion of what the destination has to offer, united with some group work,  makes for a most interesting combination for those who want to engage on these levels to create an adventure, perhaps one of a  lifetime.

Our group will come together ready to dive into this opportunity and embrace what the new holds for them. We visit pyramids and tombs, temples and statues of deities and share lavish, sumptuous meals. We have ample time for reflection and fun while gliding in comfortable delight on the mesmerizing Nile river.

Travel Date is scheduled for  early 2020.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Here is a note from our Tour Guide Ahmad Al mozamel. 

I graduated from the faculty of Archaeology specializing Egyptology at the Cairo university  in 1987. I worked as an Archaeologist under the supervision of Dr. Zahi Hawas, the famous egyptologist at the Giza plateau where the pyramids are for 4 years. I started official licenced tour guiding in1995 till now and wish you a great time in my country.